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How to Make Gobi Kheer Recipe and Taste

Today I will share how to Make Gobi Kheer Recipe and Taste. This Kheer is very delicious,Tasty and Easy for made. Gobi kheer is creative kheer.Gobi Kheer is easy to make and made in few minutes.So must try to made it.

Everything I can say it’s a solid trade for Rabri and it is basic as well as similarly tasty.

So next time when you intend to make some sweet, attempt Gobhi Kheer and appreciate all of it.

Gobi Kheer is a scintillatingly bubbly cauliflower kheer (pudding). While cauliflowers structure the base of this kheer formula,

Kheer is constantly an ideal sweet thought with regards to the bubbly season.
A warm, smooth and delightfully rich bowl of gobi kheer to appreciate toward the finish of a happy dinner is our meaning of ambrosia.

You can never come up short on enough thoughts for dessert. Gobi Kheer Recipe and Taste Sweets make any feast uncommon and merry.
With regards to Indian and Pakistani pastries, they are frequently described as rich, liberal and loaded with aromatics.
Utilizing foods grown from the ground in pastries isn’t remarkable in cooking.
While most gourds and carrots are common top choices, the others merit investigating as well. One such vegetable is the cauliflower.

Prepartion time : 10 min

Cooking time : 15 min

Total time : 25 min

So let’s start this:


Culliflower (Gobi)Half Kg (Mash 1 cup)
MilkHalf Kg
SugarHalf cup
semolina(Suji)3 Tablespoon
Khoya4 Tablespoon
Almond7 to 8
Kishmish & KhopraAs your choice for garnishing

Prepare Cauliflower(Gobi) for Kheer:

  • First of all we will wash Culliflower .
  • Cut Cauliflower in small pieces.
  • Boil water in a pot.
  • Add Cauliflower (Gobi) in boiled water.and cook until melted۔ Now, remove the water and mash it gently۔

How to Make Gobi Kheer Recipe and Taste

gobi kheer
  • Now cook the milk in a pan till it boils۔
  • Now add the mashed cauliflower to it and let it cook for a while۔
  • Now add Khoya in it.
  • Now add in Sugar. Now cook it until thickened, Bring them to the vessel.
  • Finally decorate it with almonds, kishmish, khopra and present when cool.

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