Delicious Doodh Dulari Recipe

Welcome to Wix Today I will share how to make Tasty,Delicious Doodh Dulari Recipe with you. Doodh Dulari Recipe is a most famous and traditional Recipe. Delicious Doodh Dulari Recipe. Doodh Dulari easy to made in 20 mintues. So you can must try it.

Doodh Dulari Recipe is famous pastry in Pakistan and India. Rich with customary fixings like milk, consolidated milk, corn flour, shaded vermicelli, red and green jam, , natural product mixed drink, cham cham, and cream.

Doodh Dulari is the ideal conventional treat to serve.

Delicious Doodh Dulari Recipe

Doodh Dulari recipe by Fiza is unquestionably the best thing to go after any unique event like Eid or Dawat.

Doodh Dulari recipe is anything but difficult to follow from this online page. You can get to the bit by bit technique for Doodh Dulari recipe by Fiza posted on this page.

This great pastries recipe of Doodh Dulari can be prepared in brief timeframe and great to serve around 2-3 Individuals.

Follow all the means prescribed by Gourmet specialist to get an ideal dish. is gradually turning into a popular sweet that is amazingly magnificent, is being served in certain weddings also.

How to make Delicious Doodh Dulari Recipe?

Wich us need ingredients

milk2 litter
Colored vermicelli1/2 Cup
1 tbsp
mango jelly1 packet
Cream200 gm
Small cham cham250gm

Preparation time: 5 min

Cooking Time: 15 min

Total Time: 20 min

Cooking Method:

doodh dulari

Put milk in a pot and cook for 20 minutesŪ”and cook it untill milk is thick.

When the milk is thickened, put the colored vermicelli in it.

Add the custard to the fourth cup of milk and . Now cook it till it becomes thick.

Add custard to a quarter cup of milk, mix it well and now add it to the cooked milk.

Add sugar as your choice.

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